Credit Card Debt Negotiation & Settlement Program

Consumer Debt Settlement

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(1) Individual results may vary. Savings percentage calculated at time of settlement. Does not include fees to company.
(2) Individual results may vary. Various factors determine the length of time in program and reduction in monthly payment.

Become Debt Free

Unsecured debt includes:

.: Credit Card Debt
.: Medical/Hospital Bills
.: Department Store Credit Cards
.: Oil/Gas Credit Cards
.: Personal Loans (unsecured)
.: Overdue Rent
.: Autos (Repos)
.: Local Merchants
.: Past Due Utility Bills

The following are NOT eligible

.: Current Utility Bills
.: Secured Loans
.: Income Tax Student Loans
.: Mortgage Payments
.: Car Payments
Welcome to A.R. Trust Services

Our program has been designed to help people with high credit card debt become debt free. We offer credit card debt negotiation and credit card debt settlement services to help you get out of debt. Our team of professional debt representatives are experienced and trained in proven negotiation techniques which have resulted in our clients saving MILLIONS of dollars off of their principal debt balances.

When you enroll in our debt settlement program, you will be assigned a personal client support representative. This representative will offer support through all stages of our debt negotiation program, from the time you enter until you have successfully completed the program. Get in touch with us to learn what we can do to help you become debt free.

We offer a free consultation for you to learn what we have to offer in your unique situation. Simply fill in our online form with your contact information, amount of debt, status of the debt and the best time to call. One of our professional debt representatives will contact you for a phone consultation and help you determine how to get out of debt as quickly as possible. The consultation takes about fifteen minutes.

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Should you decide to use our services you understand that your results may vary based upon a number of factors including creditor participation, amount owed to creditors, and your individual financial situation. Nonpayment of debt may result in a negative entry on your credit report, additional amounts owed, and lead creditors to increase finance and other charges or undertake collection activity, including litigation. Taxes may apply on settled debt, even though you will not actually receive any money. A.R. Trust Services cannot force negotiations or creditors to accept a settlement. We do not pay your creditors. Fees, terms and conditions apply. For more information click here.

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